Don't Let Poor Drainage Ruin Your Foundation

We can install a new drainage system for your property

Water pooling around your foundation is damaging to your house, especially in the long run. It can cause your foundation to crack, which can let in moisture and cause your floors to become uneven. Installing a drainage system or repairing your existing one is much less expensive than repairing a faulty foundation. Let Trav-Ex Construction of Roseville, CA take care of the drainage problem on your property.

What can a new drainage system do for you?

A drainage system does many things. By getting your existing drainage system repaired or a new one installed, you’ll:

  • Stop flooding in your yard – When your drainage is poor, water pools in the ground, creating puddles and sink holes that make your yard messy.
  • Control the water flow on your property – By excavating, you can control the way water flows on and off your property so that it won’t collect in your yard.
  • Prevent foundation damage – Oftentimes, water can pool at the foundation of a home or business. The water causes pressure against the wall of the foundation, causing it to crack and bow, compromising the structural integrity of the building.

We’ll diagnose the issue and go over your repair options. Call 669-278-4343 today to set up a time for us to come out to your property to give you a free estimate.