Underground Utility Work Done Right

Let us make sure your utility lines stay covered and in good condition

When you're dealing with issues with your utility lines, it's not easy to tell exactly what's wrong. That's where At Trav-Ex Construction comes in. Our team of excavators will excavate your property in Roseville, CA to assess the issue with your utility line and resolve the issue quickly. We can also excavate and fix your septic tank.

You can count on us to take care of whatever utility line problems you're dealing with.

What to expect when we arrive at your property

You won’t have to worry about us taking a long time to resolve your utility line issue. When we arrive at your site, we’ll:

  • Conduct a full site inspection
  • Diagnose and explain the issue to you
  • Excavate the area and repair the line
  • Back fill the area to leave your yard looking tidy

You can count on our experienced contractor to help you with your problem. Call 669-278-4343 today for a free estimate.