Knock Down Obstacles on Your Build Site

Plan a building demolition project in Roseville, CA

You've been planning your construction or landscaping project and you've picked the perfect site. There's only one problem - there's an old building in the way. Thankfully, the building demolition expert at Trav-Ex Construction can help.

We'll tear down any structure that's two stories or smaller, so you'll have a blank canvas for your new project. Connect with our building demolition specialist in Roseville, CA today.

Expect us to properly dispose of all debris

You don't have to worry about knowing complicated debris disposal guidelines. Hire our demolition debris removal expert to haul away your unwanted belongings. We know the proper place to take...

  • Metal. All metal pieces will go to the recycling plant
  • Wood. Any wood debris is recycled into chips
  • Other debris. Anything non-recyclable will go to the landfill

You'll have a clean and clear site for your new project once we've hauled away the demolition debris. Speak with our demolition debris removal expert today.